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From the website:

Better Groups Through Deeper Conversations

Yesandera is a new kind of conversational platform. Yesandera invites individuals in groups to glimpse aspects of themselves in each other, and discover the roots of deep human connection and collaboration. It encourages us to pay attention to the ways in which our usual forms of conversational conduct influence each other and experiment with those that produce the most useful — and productive — results.


The Yesandera Experience

Each group has a convener and a purpose.
A discussion takes place with the convener to explore and confirm the purpose and the members of the group .
A programme of exercises is established to meet the group’s agreed purpose. The timetable and the time commitment for each group member is then defined.
Group members are invited to sign up for the programme. Because the value of the experience depends on participation of the whole group, each member is asked to make a written commitment to their participation and to the timetable.
The programme has three stages. In the first stage, group members complete the exercises by themselves in their own time.
In the second stage, group members compare their responses, and report any significant differences.
In the third stage, group members undertake a specific reflection on each exercise and its implications for their work in their current roles.
As a final step, the group then meets with the Yesandera facilitator to share their reflections. In doing so, they draw together all of their learning from the entire programme and consider their conclusions for future action .

From the about us section:

Our History

Yesandera has been developed by the Storymaker Research Institute, a collaboration for learning and experimentation, with colleagues in New Zealand, the UK, the US, Australia, and Scandinavia. Yesandera is an online re-imagining and expansion of the Storymaker Research Institute’s decades of experience of consulting and facilitating group dynamics, social and cultural change, leadership and professional development, and research and evaluation in government, health, education, business, academia and other sectors in countries around the world.

The Storymaker Research Institute has gradually built deep understanding through its work, and this provides the foundation for the design of the Yesandera process, the culmination of many years of face-to-face practice development.

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