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Accela Civic Voice

Accela Civic Voice provides government agencies a fully hosted, cloud-based solution to
involve citizens in core community discussions. It allows you to share information, collect well-timed public input, build support to improve project outcomes and let your citizens know you are listening by participating in the conversation.

Accela Civic Voice offers:

  • Forums and discussions where you can invite feedback on planned and ongoing projects
  • Global online search capabilities to quickly find projects and initiatives your citizens care most about
  • A simple dashboard to make it easy to track public opinion and share with elected officials before policy and project decisions are made
  • Zip code filters to control public participation by residents and visitors
  • Activity threshold levels to alert staff that topics or projects are “trending”
  • Built-in content filter checks for offensive content
  • Routing capabilities to easily direct content to staff responsible for topics or initiatives

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