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From the about page:

About Econsensus

Econsensus is an open-source web-based tool to help organisations to track decisions that they make, and also to discuss proposals for new decisions online. Econsensus is specifically tailored to be useful to organisations using a consensus decision making framework, however is flexible enough to be useful to any organisation.
As of December 2011 we have been hosting Econsensus “as-is” for free to individuals and groups that would like to take a look at it and maybe start using it. You can sign up for free, create an account for your organisation and try out Econsensus by clicking the above link. If you’re technically minded then you can also download the code, contribute to the project, or make your own changes – see the developers’ guide below.

Econsensus (v0.4.8) is an open source project developed by Aptivate.

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