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Wasa2il is a free software platform for Liquid Democracy.

From the website of the Pirate Party Iceland:

Wasa2il is a participatory democracy software project. It is based around the core idea of polities – political entities – which users of the system can join or leave, make proposals in, alter existing proposals, and adopt laws to self-govern.

The goal of this is to make it easy for groups on any scale – from the local whiskey club to the largest nation – to self-organize and manage their intents, goals and mutual understandings.

More about the name “wasa2il” (Arabic: وسائل):

bq. The word “wasa2il” (pronounced “wasa’il”) is from Arabic, where it means “means” – the ability to accomplish something. The first part of the word, “wasa”, means “liquid”, which appropriately describes the concept of liquid democracy. We like this mish-mash of meaning, but if it doesn’t mean much to you, don’t worry – it’s just a name. You can call it “Bob” for all we care.

The software is being developed by Smári McCarthy. The source code is available on GitHub page.

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Additional information and materials about Wasa2il: