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Ethelo is an online deliberation tool that can be used both internally within a company or organization, and externally with constituents or community members. Ethelo’s key features include:

  1. measuring and comparing the distribution of support of submitted strategies in order to facilitate the process of consensus. For instance, if given one strategy that has polarized opinions on both sides of the spectrum, and another strategy that may have neutral opinions overall, Ethelo will rank the latter as the better strategy.
  2. scenario analysis that allows for stakeholders to make nuanced and specific choices, and for administrators to assess situations in detail. Ethelo does this “by breaking an issue into component pieces, called options, and adding rules by which those options can be combined, called constraints.”
  3. capability of all six levels of engagement as identified by the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2). Potential applications of Ethelo’s engagement are education, surveys, ideation, collaboration, decision-making.

To learn more about Ethelo, view the tool’s introduction video (2 minutes), or their longer tutorial video (11 minutes). Case studies for Ethelo are available for a number of purposes, such as community planning, policy and governance, and e-democracy.

Ethelo is developed by the Ethelo Team based in Vancouver, Canada.

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