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Combining principles of crowdsourcing and collaborative negotiation, Thoughtexchange is a platform for the facilitation of information exchange and group conversation. The platform is used for community engagement, collaborative planning, border restructuring, facilities review and more.

The company offers both corporate and education solutions. In the latter case, Thoughtexchange has been used for bond referendum preparation, strategic and facilities planning, student and staff engagement. Corporate leaders use the platform for change leadership, decision making, employee engagement, customer feedback, hiring, and on-boarding.

In conversation with Michelle Sklar at the BC Tech Summit, Thoughtexchange CEO Dave Macleod and CTO Jim Firstbrook shed light on the process:

First, we ask a few simple questions, people enter their thoughts in a way that others can’t see. Each participant is assigned a limited number of stars. Once answers have been entered, you are able to prioritize the important points and allocate your stars. After that we are able to take all of that data and do an analysis.

Unlike surveys, for example, where the most commonly expressed ideas surface to the top, it is the ideas with the most stars that help decision makers uncover what is important to the group.

Formerly known as Thoughtstream, the platform was rebranded as Thoughtexchange in 2014. It was founded in 2009 and is being developed by Fulcrum Management Solutions Ltd., a company based in Rossland, British Columbia. It also has offices in the U.S., in Washington and Oregon.

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