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Community Remarks

From the about page:

This application was designed and developed by PlaceVision Inc in response to a growing need for innovative ways to communicate about place. Citizen engagement is an arena that is usually conducted through meetings, phone calls, and emails. Community Remarks attempts to make it easy and fun for citizens to talk about what works and doesn’t in their neighborhood and directly communicate with the professionals that can make it a better place to live and work.

It’s a way for neighbors to share information around topics and is utilized for urban planning, transportation services, parks & recreation, walking tours, special events, historic preservation, property management, and community groups.

From the FAQ:

Who uses this tool?

Community Remarks is best utilized during the urban planning process for transportation, historic preservation, economic development, and comprehensive planning projects. It can also be creatively leveraged for a visioning plan or to attract interest to a plan. For instance, for the Des Moines, Iowa regional plan, we are leveraging the functionality of Community Remarks to host a photo contest. We are inviting residents to show and tell us what sustainability looks like to them. A geotagged photograph will help us to visualize the strengths of the region.

Community Remarks™ is being developed by Jacksonville, Florida-based PlaceVision, Inc..

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