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CommunityPanel is an online network benefiting both residents and municipal councils by soliciting input on community needs and issues on a regular basis.

From the For Residents page.

By participating in council surveys, you get to have your say on a range of important community topics such as, how public space is used, council services, greening and environmental issues, emerging technologies and developments, transportation, rates and taxes and much more. […] After signing up, you will get sent an invite to participate in anywhere from 2 to 4 survey’s a year about important council issues, including budgets, strategic plans, community innovations and satisfaction surveys.

From the For Councils page:

Community Panel provides Councils with the opportunity to access rigorous, scientifically tested commercial market research tools that have been validated by leading academics. The online panel approach is quickly becoming the standard for commercial applications, due to the quick turnaround and flexibility in the types of questions asked, especially when compared with computer-assisted telephone interviews. […]

What tools can I use?

Community Panel gives Councils standard measurement tools, such as Likert scales or “pick any”, but we also offer some more interesting ways to elicit community sentiments.

Hot Spot: Hot spot allows Councils to embed images, such as maps of an area, to elicit responses from respondents when they might not have the words to express exactly what they mean. For instance, asking the community which parks they use might not mean much unless they can show you exactly which one they’re talking about.

Pick, Group & Rank: Ranking questions are a popular and easy way to quickly sort the wheat from the chaff. Our easy-to-use interface also allows respondents to sort items into categories.

Rank Order

Slider: It can be useful to make trade-offs explicit. When community members have to think about giving up one thing in order to take advantage of another, we can really begin to see how their value structures work. Slider type questions allow us to do this quickly and easily.

This project is joint-initative with the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, University of South Australia and five South Australian councils – City of Tea Tree Gully, City of Burnside, City of Unley, City of Holdfast Bay and City of Campbelltown.

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A list of projects that have used CommunityPanel: