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Tecmark 635

From the website:

108 Solutions or Ideas in 30 Minutes!

That’s what Professor Bernd Rohrbach promised when he wrote about his “6-3-5 Method” of brainwriting in German sales magazine, Absatzwirtschaft, in 1968.

6-3-5 brainwriting is a quantity ideas and solutions generating exercise and is useful wherever you need ideas, whether it’s content marketing, web design and conversion rate, product features or solutions to common business problems.

From their brainwriting guide (PDF):

An Introduction to Brainwriting

635 Brainwriting is a creative brainstorming technique aimed at making the idea generation process more efficient and effective. Developed by Bernd Rohrbach who originally published it in a German sales magazine, in 1968.

In its traditional format, a brainwriting session consists of 6 participants, with one acting as the session leader. After reviewing the project brief, all participants are required to write down 3 ideas on a worksheet within 5 minutes (6 people, 3 ideas, 5 mints = 635). After the first round is over, participants would then pass their worksheet round to the next person. Round two would then start with each person having 3 ideas to review and use as inspiration, before coming up with a further 3 ideas of their own.

This process then continues for the 6 allocated rounds meaning each participant would have generated 18 ideas, resulting in 108 ideas in total for the session

The technique is applied in various sectors but mainly in business, marketing, design, and writing. We use the process extensively internally at Tecmark for delivering our content marketing campaign ideas.

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