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From the about section:

Appgree is a web and mobile application that allows groups of dozens up to millions of people to communicate with the clarity, ease and coherence of a single person.

With Appgree, a brand’s followers, members of an association and any type of community – a company’s department, a hikers club – is able to share their ideas, opinions and/or questions and reach a consensus in a matter of seconds, thanks to a simple yet extremely powerful statistics-based algorithm DemoRank.

Until now, if a large group tried to understand and express its members’ will, it always came up against an insurmountable obstacle: its size. With Appgree, the obstacle becomes the solution: at Appgree, the larger the group, the more potential it has to generate ideas that can gain a consistent consensus.

Appgree is being developed by Madrid, Spain-based Appgree, S.A. and is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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