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Search: is an online discussion and deliberation tool for municipalities or community agencies to propose questions and obtain input from users. Upon entering the individual page for a question, users can see the thoughts and opinions of others in the form of a histogram shaped as a slider scale (disagree to agree) and a ranked list of the top pro and con reasons supporting users’ opinions. Each individual opinion is visualized as a small circle on the scale located at the point in the slider that they selected in their response. By clicking on each individual circle, users can view the person’s name, profile picture (if added), position on the scale, and their listed pros and cons.

If a user would like to contribute to the page, they are first prompted to choose a point within the disagree-agree scale that best reflects their opinion. After doing so, they are prompted to provide further comments in the form of listing pros and cons. Users can use the pros and cons submitted by others or add their own ones.

Additional features of the platform include comment moderation by forum administrators, custom branding, forum visibility customization (public or private), collection of custom user information, and language translation. More information about these features as well as a tour of the platform can be found here. A video demonstration of the platform can be found here.

Sample forums can be accessed for the topics of public engagement, strategic planning, and decentralized decisions is based in Portland, Oregon.

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