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The Madison Project

Project Madison was an online tool for collaborative creation of policy documents. It was shut down on February 10, 2019.

From the website:

It started with two age-old questions.

First, what if government documents were opened to everyone for discussion, collaboration and improvement? And second, what if elected officials listened to and learned from that public collaboration, treating all users equally? Our answer is Madison. Born from an all-night hackathon, the beta version was first deployed by Congressman @DarrellIssa to crowdsource the #OPEN Act, an Internet-protecting alternative to SOPA and PIPA. And it worked, representing the first time a Member of Congress had crowdsourced a bill and actually introduced user-generated improvements to the legislative process.

Madison has grown up since then, becoming open source software free for anyone to use while opening policy documents previously off-limits to individuals and the Internet community. With more development work and your help, Madison can become a free turnkey solution so that anyone can both unlock the policy documents they want and advance the truly open, accountable government they deserve.

Project Madison is being developed by the Open Government Foundation.

Version 2.0 of this project is available on Github.

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