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Interactive Text

Formerly known as Textizen, Interactive Text is a two-way text messaging tool that sends, receives, and analyzes text messages. Advantages of using the platform include visualization and feedback, longitudinal evaluation, behavioural change, service signups and reminders.

Interactive texts allows administrators to send project updates, event reminders, or follow-up surveys through the SMS system. The process begins by importing phone numbers or inviting people to text with transit ads, postcards, or live events. The software’s SMS engine then manages conversations. According to the website:

“When citizens initiate a text conversation, the program engages them in dialogue through dynamic responses and prompts, gathering information and feedback."

The API Documentation, which allows developers to automate many aspects of the interactive messaging system, can be found here.

Textizen began as a project by Code for America in Philadelphia. Since being acquired by Granicus and GovDelivery, the cloud-based digital communication company, in 2015, Textizen has been rebranded as Interactive Text.

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