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Citizen Space

Citizen Space is a consultation management system designed to support government agencies and councils to coordinate large number of consultations, both simultaneously and over time. The system provides a single front-end for citizens and stakeholders to view all upcoming, open and closed consultations from a particular agency, and to search for consultations relevant to them. RSS is supported for streaming consultation information into news readers and other sites.

Under the hood, Citizen Space allows agencies to manage all their consultations – online and offline – through a single platform, creating consultation records and including information on audiences, locations and types. Staff may be allocated to manage a group or single consultation and an ‘analyst view’ allows agencies and councils to give external consultants access to analyse, but not modify, specific consultations, preserving respondent privacy.

Citizen Space includes the Quick Consult tool for surveys and also integrated with other online consultation tools, providing flexibility for different government needs. Additionally, the front-end may be customised to match an agency or council’s branding or, through the Citizen Space API, integrated with an agency or council’s website seamlessly.

Budget Simulator is developed by Delib, a company assisting governments with public consultations based in Bristol, UK and Brisbane, Australia.

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