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eConsult is a comprehensive and unified consultation, research and dialogue management system enabling total control over the whole consultation cycle from planning to presentation to document management.

Selected features from eConsult’s brochure (archived copy) are:

Create and manage multiple consultations and campaigns: eConsult is an enterprise level solution which enables different administrators, departments or your strategic partners to run separate consultation exercises simultaneously, and of course allows participants to access them.

Comprehensive questionnaires, analysis and reporting: All survey types and questions easily created and integrated to the participative process; real time analysis on feedback; reports on consultation methods and results, enabling the management of consultation activity to be improved as lessons are learned about what worked well and what not so well.

Stakeholder Registration and Consultee Database: Registration and alerts system; importing, targeting and communications with participants; email, SMS; profiling and selections; analyses by profiles as well as cross tabs within surveys.

Groups and ePanels: You can create or import Groups – a citizens’ panel, customers, suppliers – and undertake specific activity – of course all the tools in eConsult can be used. You can build and manage an ePanel of experts, or businesses or people with special needs.

eConsult is developed by Community People based in the UK.

Update: eConsult has been discontinued. Additional information about the tool can be found on an archived copy of the tool site.

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