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BusMeister is the first of a set of Green Streets 2.0 web applications that give you the tools to improve transportation sustainability within your community. The BusMeister game is designed to improve understanding of real-world measures for improving public transportation while also providing a forum to discuss those measures and ideas for their improvement and implementation. Players can add, remove, and shift the location of public transportation stops to experiment with the costs and benefits of public transit decisions. Players also have the ability to implement bus lanes or traffic signal priority to test their effect. BusMeister can also be customized for a specific cities or transit agencies to be used locally.

BusMeister is developed by GreenCityStreets, an organization funded by the European Commission that develops public participation tools using information technology with a focus on improved public transportation, Andrew Nash, Platogo, a Vienna game design company, and Snizek + Partner Verkehrsplannungs GmbH. BusMeister’s development was also assisted by funds provided by ZIT: The Technology Agency of the City of Vienna.

Update: BusMeister has been discontinued. To access the site, view an archived copy.

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