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Citizen Budget

Citizen Budget is a customizable web-based budget simulator.

From the website’s “about” section:

Citizen Budget online simulator is a powerful and innovative tool that helps you build better community relations, educate your residents and solicit their feedback on your budget consultation.

Unlike a regular survey or a budget visualization software, Citizen Budget is an interactive platform that shows the financial impacts of participants’ choices in real time, educating them about the trade-offs and constraints faced by their municipality. Our user-friendly and fun budget exercise creates a two-way dialogue between you and your community, providing both parties with rich and detailed information. Your residents can conveniently access your online budget consultation anytime and at their own pace, making it a clear improvement over public meetings which involve travel, time, childminding and other accessibility constraints.

Features include:

  • Customizable themes to reflect governmental or organizational branding
  • Fully hosted by Citizen Budget, including programming and maintenance
  • Embed links, PDFs, charts, videos, diagrams, images, and graphs for additional information
  • A toolbox of additional tools and widgets
  • Translations into any language
  • Print versions to reach offline residents

Citizen Budget is being developed by Open North, a non-profit based in Montreal, GQ (Canada).

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