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Crowdbrite is a web application for team collaboration and community engagement. Crowdbrite can be used to “communicate plans, build community, prioritize investments, and inspire action” using mobile surveys, public kiosks, and in-person workshops or charrettes.

The project-driven interactive web platform include a number of features for both municipalities and community members:

  • Vision & Values: the core values behind the project
  • Discover & Explore: details project background & existing conditions
  • Poll & Comment: identifies priorities using Crowdbrite’s Visual Interactive Survey (VIS)
  • Share results: use social media to expand reach and share up-to-date feedback
  • Follow the Project: allows community members to follow the project by providing their contact information
  • Review Alternatives: provides scenario planning tool
  • Draft Plan: municipalities can provide a draft of future plans or proposals
  • Drag & Drop Map: municipalities can put all their projects on a map and receive meaningful input from stakeholders

Crowdbrite is based in San Francisco, CA (US).

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