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EngagingPlans is an interactive public engagement platform that improves outreach and engagement in public processes, creating meaningful opportunities for citizen and stakeholder feedback. The platform is intuitive, versatile, and mobile- and tablet-optimized, making it easy to convey complicated information throughout a project life cycle. The platform is composed of a Core website that can be enhanced with apps provided through EngagingPlans or extensions from EngagingApps.

EngagingPlans includes a number of elements for supporting public engagement: project updates, event calendars and timelines, a searchable document library, FAQs, a survey builder, polls and open questions. This one-stop hub forms the backbone of project communications, keeping all project information clear and up-to-date in one accessible location, and allows for collecting user input on projects and proposals. Additionally, there are opportunities for unique, intuitive opportunities for public involvement and feedback. From community mapping to interactive plan documents, these apps can be tailored to fit any objectives, whether that’s getting feedback on growth scenarios, using games to expand participation, or presenting your draft plan in a simple, interactive format.

EngagingPlans is developed by Urban Interactive Studio based in Denver, Colorado.

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