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From the website:

VoiceYourView (vYv) is a cross-disciplinary research project funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council’s (EPSRC) Digital Economy Programme. It is a collaboration between five leading universities in the UK.

vYv aims to develop technology which allows people to express their perceptions of safety in public spaces wherever and whenever they want – that is, vYv will capture spontaneous comments from members of the public in real time. These comments will be used to improve the safety of public space designs.


How does it differ from traditional forms of public consultation?

Design processes typically include public consultations before construction and post-occupancy evaluation surveys. However, these only include a small proportion of users of the public space. Furthermore, they only capture a snapshot of people’s opinions – i.e., whatever occurs to them when they are given a questionnaire.

vYv aims at augmenting traditional public consultations by letting people air their views whenever and wherever they want. vYv will collect all users’ views in real-time and will then present them to appropriate stakeholders so that action can be taken.

You can follow @voiceyourview Twitter.

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