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Choicely is “a voting app for when you want group decisions” that supports different types of voting systems (e.g. allocating tokens, spending a pot of money). Each process (vote, participatory budget, etc.) has a unique shortcode that administrators can send to participants in order to access the specific process. Choicely is compatible with a number of devices: desktop, tablet, and both Apple and Android smartphones.

From Choicely’s blog launch post:

Choicely lets you host content on each option, and ensures a minimum degree of engagement. It is still and will always be up to you to get the conversation going, to educate and inform, to help diverse views get heard. But however you run it, however open or secure or thorough or community-wide you choose your conversation to be, at the end, if you don’t want to require everyone to be in one place at one time, you can take the final decision through Choicely.

Choicely is open-source and its source code is available on Github.

Choicely is a Wilsonielsen project, funded by Nesta and The Big Society Network as part of the Your Local Budget programme. Choicely is developed by Mark Corbin.

Update: Choicely has been discontinued. In order to access the site, view an archived copy.

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