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INOVEM Consult

INOVEM Consult is a highly configurable framework for stakeholder management and collection of input. The tool allows administrators to present issues to stakeholders and the public easily and clearly, encouraging high levels of participation and response, and works within mixed online/offline consultation programs to maximize inclusion.

INOVEM Consult utilizes a variety of customizable consultation methods that can be used independently or together, such as:

Questionnaires with variable question types, mandatory/optional questions, randomisation, wizardbased conditional branching, progress bars, ‘Save as Draft’, supporting document upload option, anonymous response support and automated thank you emails.

Structured Documents for Comment providing interactive, hierarchical web documents that are easy to browse and search, comment on or submit supporting evidence for saving partial responses, custom tracking references, moderation, View Comment permissions and section-by-section report summaries are also available.

Discussion Forums enabling submission of issues and ideas via the site or directly by email, full or partial filtering and moderation options and consultee-driven notification preferences are also provided.

Add a Response on behalf of a consultee, enabling staff to input manual and offline responses and so ensure that everyone’s views are taken into account. This ensures that the consultation and stakeholder databases are the central repositories for all your consultation data.

INOVEM Consult is developed by INOVEM, based in Weston, Berkshire (UK).

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