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From the about page: is a platform for debate, deliberation and decision making.

YourConsensus is a flexible online tool which can be used for many collaborative purposes. The site provides a space for creating content with scrutiny, discussion, and resolution on one page. […]


YourConsensus is specifically designed to enable constructive collaboration on contentious issues. Therefore it is a powerful democratic tool

The possible uses for the platform are still evolving, but here are some examples of what it could be used for:

* Creating policy documents in an open process
* Public Consultations
* Drafting Legislation
* Making decisions in non-hierarchical organisations
* To hold “meetings” without the need for people to be there at the same time or place

As of August 2011, the site is being tested in a real environment.

A list of planned features and improvements outlines the potential roadmap.

YourConsensus is being developed by Tom Kaneko.

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