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PlaceSpeak is a location-based citizen engagement platform. Its two-sided network brings together participants, who have authenticated their address, and proponents of consultations, who wish to connect with residents within specific geographical boundaries. According to the Wikipedia profile, “its suite of feedback collection tools and features was designed with the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2) Spectrum of Public Participation in mind.”

PlaceSpeak is free to participants, who receive notifications about proposed changes and events in their neighbourhoods, and can interact with other residents. Organizations set up topic pages that includes a map, information, feedback tools including polls, surveys, discussion forums, participatory mapping, and ideation. Spatial reporting is generated in a variety of formats and real-time analytics are produced transparently. Proponents pay a license fee for use.

PlaceSpeak was developed utilizing Privacy by Design principles. The ability to connect participants’ digital identity to physical location (e.g. residential address) builds legitimacy in the online consultation process.

The platform was developed with the support of the National Research Council of Canada in 2011. It is headquartered in Vancouver, BC.

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