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MetroQuest is a public engagement survey software allowing municipalities and planning agencies to better communicate proposals with stakeholders and collect their input.

Each MetroQuest site serves as a survey with 4-5 preset screens from options such as welcome, wrap-up, priority ranking, scenario ranking, visual preference, image rating, map marker, project selection, budget allocation, funding balance, vision statement, tradeoffs, stategy rating, and standard survey. More info about the preset screen options and opportunities to test them out can be found here.

MetroQuest can be used during events, at kiosk stations or on the web. It is not necessary for users to sign in to access to site, done so in order to remove barriers to participation. If desired, survey creators can add a closing screen asking for demographic and contact information. MetroQuest surveys can support multiple languages specified with a language toggle. Once survey responses come in, survey creators have access to a dashboard that allows them to monitor, analyze, and visualize responses.

MwtroQuest is based in Vancouver, BC (Canada).

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