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From the site:

How does OurSay work?

First, post a question. Ask the questions you want asked about the issues you want to tackle. If you’re not sure what to ask, browse other questions and vote for them.

Second, vote. Check out other questions and vote for the questions you like. Remember you only have 7 votes (Which is more votes than the government gives you). We will reset your votes at the start of each hot seat!

Third, Invite. Get friends to vote for your favourite questions through social media channels like facebook and twitter.

Fourth, Watch. Once the voting and question period ends we take the most popular questions and wrangle community leaders to respond.

Finally, Get Chatty. Comment on other people’s questions, get more information and plan your next question and your next vote. Before and after the hot seat response, talk about it. Was it good? What did you like and why?

OurSay is a service by Melbourne, Australia-based Creating Democracy Online, Inc.

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