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CommunityCOUNTS is an attempt to help nudge political discourse away from soundbites and towards substance. In its current form it helps spark, collect, rank and compel discussion around an assortment of web-content by leveraging a community’s voice. It can be used to run simple contests, petitions, and Q&As. CommunityCOUNTs runs 10Questions, where users could submit questions for political figures in the United States and decide which ones should be prioritized in future Q&As. Two iterations of 10Questions were created in Mexico (10preguntas) and Brazil (10perguntas).

Update: The original 10Questions website as well as its iterations have been discontinued. View the web archive for the United States, Mexico, and Brazil.

CommunityCOUNTS and its various 10Questions iterations are developed by David Colarusso, James Kotecki, Jamie Bernstein, and Esther Brady.

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