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iCanMakeItBetter is a platform enabling companies, communities, and users to brainstorm, share, and act upon ideas to drive innovation. Its key features are:

Ideation Sessions: Crowdsource ideas with group brainstorming. Commenting, rating, and voting help you prioritize ideas and drive on-target innovation.
Focus Groups: Interactive discussions capture in-depth insights. Collect text, images, or video on the soccer field, in a store, at home – anywhere.
Surveys: Get answers fast. Deploy powerful, engaging surveys across any device in minutes. View and securely share real-time results.

Additional features include recruiting tools (emails lists, web widgets, etc.), survey templates, customized branding and design, unified dashboard, integrated incentives, email integration, and activity alerts. Find out more information from the features page.

The tool is being developed by Sentient Services based in Austin, Texas (US).

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A list of projects that have used iCanMakeItBetter: