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WebIDEApro™ is a wiki-map, a tool to do fast real-time collaboration by sharing a web whiteboard and a graphic K-language.

From the English demo page:

WebIDEApro, A-i-A’s Collaboration Board

It is a Shared WhiteBoard Co-construction / Collaborative Tool , a mean to visually communicate and share your ideas in radical real-time, a platform to invite your tribe and start changing the world, combining the power of social networking and real-time collaboration.

You get powerful brainstorm, discussion and understanding, critical thinking and thoughtful decision-making.

The 3-step process is detailed in the WebIDEApro brochure.

Capture: in the virtual space, map out and organize your thoughts and ideas.
Collaborate: share your space with others in your network and begin brainstorming, planning and revising with your collaborators.
Innovate: as new links and associations emerge, and the ecosystem evolves into a mature system, ideas become more clearly defined.

WebIDEApro is developed by Atelier d’intelligence Appliquée (A-i-A), a knowledge management consulting firm based in Montreal, Quebec (Canada).

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