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Woltlab Suite

Formerly known as Burning Board, Woltlab Suite is a online discussion forum solution with a number of tools, such as content management, forums, galleries, calendars, file storage area, blogs, and additional customizable plug-ins. Woltlab Suites features include:

  • Customization of colors and formatting by modifying templates and adding plug-ins
  • Notifications on the app and via email to stay informed of subscribed content
  • Built-in SEO to maximize and improve search engine appearances
  • User management tools allowing for bulk processing of user permissions and automatic settings for user group assignments
  • Anti-spam tools, such as honeypots and Google ReCAPTCHAv2
  • Importers to easily transfer to Woltlab Suite from a number of common forum software apps
  • Monetization, such as built-in advertisement and paid subscription modules
  • Conversations between two users or groups of users
  • Internationalization through allowing a number of languages that users may choose, including automatically-generated translation to user-specified languages

A free 14-day demo of Woltlab Suite can be accessed here (requires submitting an e-mail address to the site).

Woltlab Suite is open-source and available on Github. Woltlab Suite is developed by WoltLab GmbH based in Potsdam, Germany.

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