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Debategraph is a browser-based web application for debate mapping.

It is built on the perception that:

  1. complex debates can be mapped comprehensively, with all of the pertinent issues, positions, arguments, and evidence represented in a transparent and coherent visual structure;
  2. the web can be used to externalise and open up this process to anyone interested in contributing to, evaluating, or simply exploring the maps; and,
  3. collaborative, visual mapping of this kind can help individuals, organizations and networks make sense of (and act in) the world more efficiently and effectively.

In essence, debate mapping involves three steps:

  1. breaking down the subject debated into meaningful parts;
  2. identifying the relationships between those parts; and,
  3. presenting the parts and their relationships visually.

To find out more, view Debategraph’s tutorial video. Debategraph was founded and developed by Peter Baldwin and David Price, who are based in Sydney, Australia and Somerset, UK, respectively.

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