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From the about page:

Cohere is a visual tool to create, connect and share Ideas. […] Cohere is an idea management tool for you to annotate URLs with ideas, and weave meaningful connections between ideas for personal, team or social use.

The site lists the following key features:

  • Annotate a URL with any number of Ideas, or vice-versa.
  • Visualize your network as it grows
  • Make connections between your Ideas, or Ideas that anyone else has made public or shared with you via a common Group
  • Use Groups to organise your Ideas and Connections by project, and to manage access-rights
  • Import your data as RSS feeds (eg. bookmarks or blog posts), to convert them to Ideas, ready for connecting
  • Use the RESTful API services to query, edit and mashup data from other tools

For tutorial videos, view Cohere’s screencast page.

An example network is shown below:

Cohere is being developed in the UK by Open University’s Knowledge Media Institute and is available under a LGPL open source license.

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