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What is Adhocracy?

Adhocracy is a freely usable participation software with which people can be digitally involved in decision-making processes. Implemented as a software library, Adhocracy offers various participation modules with which a wide range of process types can be implemented: From surveys and brainstorming to joint text processing. Depending on requirements, these modules can be combined to form complex participation processes.

Why Adhocracy?

Participation in political and social processes is essential for an active civil society and a stable democracy, because only through participation can we arrive at decisions that work for everyone. Adhocracy brings participation processes into the digital space and can, if necessary, meaningfully supplement existing analogue participation possibilities. In this way, Adhocracy diversifies the formats and ways of participation and thus offers the possibility to meet the most diverse needs. It is thus possible to involve fellow human beings, members or employees in decision-making processes simply, efficiently and independently of time and place, and ultimately to make better and more socially acceptable decisions to meet.

Adhocracy is Open Source

Adhocracy is released under an open source license, so that all users benefit from the progress made in each project. Thus, synergies in the areas of security, innovation and the feature set of the software are made possible that also lead to cheaper development costs. Of most importance to us is that an open source approach allows for transparency of the software solution, which is key whenever software is used for political means. The code of all projects based on Adhocracy can be downloaded free of charge at Github.

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A list of projects that have used Adhocracy: