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From the homepage: is a free participation platform that enables a democratic, transparent, open and targeted dialogue. With Adhocracy, organizations and communities of interest have the opportunity to involve their members and all interested citizens in their work and discussions in order to use new ways of democratic participation and codecision.

Adhocracy not only gives organizations and communities the opportunity to be open to democratic participation, but also gives all citizens the chance to actively share their views and ideas, discuss them and help shape decisions.

Each group is organized into a number of topics of which the group chooses to debate or discuss. Within each topic are proposals that can be submitted by users of the group. In each proposal, users can add comments, write additional drafts called versions, and view the proposal history. Final decisions on proposals can be decided using polls and/or delegated voting, a concept explained in their (now defunct) FAQ:

What is delegated voting?
Delegation helps voters to make their voice heard in a decision even if they cannot or do not want to explicitly vote on certain proposals. A delegation is an authorization of one user (the principal) to allow another user (the agent) to vote on his or her behalf. Each delegation is valid within a certain scope, e.g. with regards to a political area like climate policy. This means that the agent can vote on the principal’s behalf in all decisions that are marked to be inside the given scope. The delegations of a voter can thus be seen as his or her personal cabinet. In this cabinet, one agent is responsible for making decisions regarding the subject area A, while another agent is responsible for making decisions in a second subject area, B.

More information about Adhocracy’s functions can be found in their current FAQ page. Example use cases for Adhocracy can be found here, and tutorials can be found here. is developed and operated by the non-profit and non-partisan association Liquid Democracy eV.

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