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DEMOS-Budget is a budget simulation app that allows citizens to act as a virtual mayor and delegate municipal funds. The tool is designed to be used with realistic features in order to realistically emulate an actual budget.

From the homepage:

Using genuine figures as its basis, the application displays an actual budget. Members of the public can draw up their own budgets and adjust the initial one as they see fit. Each change to a budget item is added to or deducted from the total budget in real time. The system’s only immutable rule is that the total sum of money available may not and cannot be exceeded. Any increase in spending must be balanced by savings elsewhere. Alternatively, savings can either be reinvested in a different area or used for amortisation.

From the info (archived copy, original page is now defunct) page:

An initiative of mutual benefit: as members of the public develop a feel for local authority budgets, both intuitively and through learning by playing, they gain an understanding of the scope and limits of budgetary planning. And in return, municipalities acquire more information about the desires and needs of their citizens, since the DEMOS-Budget interactive budget planner enables cities to create opportunities for debate with the public about future avenues for development or new projects.

The budget planner displays the actual budget in such a way that it is possible to gain a realistic insight into the scope and limits of municipal politics. The various levels of classification enable the adjustment of budget items to have a direct bearing on a local authority’s individual areas of responsibility.

DEMOS-Budget is developed by TuTech Innovation based in Hamburg, Germany.

Update: DEMOS-Budget has been discontinued. In order to access the site, please view an archived copy.

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