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From the website:

End-to-end online consultation

The Engage module manages the entire consultation lifecycle enabling organizations to consult all relevant stakeholders, citizens, employees, shareholders or partners through the widest variety of response mechanisms, and analyse and manage the results through complete back-office functionality.

It lists the following five key features:

1. Enterprise-wide consultation: ensure you have a co-ordinated, strategic approach to stakeholder consultation across your entire organisation
2. A Single Consultation Portal: in a single web-based portal, tailor access and response mechanisms to suit end-user requirements through polls, surveys, questionnaires, forum, discussion boards and bulletin boards
3. Stakeholder management: store and manage demographic information to identify, segment and report on consultees; communicate with more stakeholders via the web, Internet-ready kiosks, mobile devices such as PDAs and mobile phones
4. Reporting: event-based, configurable reporting on all consultation activities including geo-demographical analysis through integration with GIS systems
5. Rich user experience: users create and manage their profiles and respond to events in an interactive, intuitive way

Update: The developer, Limehouse Software, was acquired by Objective Corp in 2009, and the tool has since then been discontinued. In order to access the website, view an archived copy. Additionally, Objective Corp. has developed a similar tool, Objective Connect.

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