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Zilino is a web-based solution for hosting deliberative online forums and other types of well structured, well facilitated participatory processes.

Zilino is built specifically for the purpose of dialogue and deliberation. Its modular toolkit approach enables practitioners to create a broad range of custom engagement experiences. The core modules as listed on the features page are:

Zilino Logbook – moderator announcements and group updates
Zilino Library – resource sharing and document upload for collaborative learning
Zilino Plenary – whole-group discussions, incl. structured theming
Zilino Roundtable – small-group dialogue and breakout sessions, incl. collaborative note taking
Zilino Pulse – polling and voting, incl. rank ordering and range voting
Zilino Storybook – storytelling and story sharing

As of September 2013, Zilino is in closed beta. Registration is required to create and configure a project space with custom headers, color palettes, and URL. Recruitment of participants can be done through administrator invitations, peer-to-peer invites, or by open sign-up.

Zilino is being developed by San José, CA-based Intellitics, Inc.

You can follow @zilino on Twitter, like Zilino on Facebook or add Zilino on Google+.

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