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SenseMaker® is a software system built on theories of natural rather than management science. It seeks to augment rather than replace human decision-making. The tool draws from the principles of complexity science (e.g. distributed cognition, fine-grained material, disintermediation) and mobilizes self-signified micro-narratives (or fragments) to assist group decision-making. The method employed “allows for continuous free capture of narrative with instant feedback.”

From the about page:

Through a web or app environment the software allows the capture of pictures, recordings and writing in various combinations to reflect how the respondents are making sense of the world. Human decision making is profoundly influenced by the day to day micro-narratives of the school gate, the water cooler and other social settings. SenseMaker® allows this material to be gathered easily and at low cost. In a patented method the respondent then interprets their own story into a series of abstract constructs that feel more like a game than a survey, but allow profound meaning to emerge. This interpretation adds layers of meaning rather than simply interpreting the story and provides quantitative data which can always be linked back to the original material.

How does it work?

The updated website can be found here.

SenseMaker® is a registered trademark of Cognitive Edge, a Singapore-based management-consulting firm established in 2004.

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