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Gov2DemOSS is an open source, informative and collaborative e-participation platform. Gov2DemOSS provides an efficient channel for institutions and organizations to keep their communities informed, manage their information repositories, to interact directly with their constituents and gauge public opinion.

From developer Gov2u’s projects page:

Equipped with advanced interactive and participation functions, including forums, polls, calendar of events and geospatial information systems, wikis; Gov2demoSS enables citizens to directly define the content, shape and direction of municipal policies. By combining service provision functions and facilities for voluntary, community and business organizations Gov2demOSS greatly enhances social capital in local communities and strengthens knowledge and civic commitment, allthrough a single web-based geographical interface.

Gov2DemOSS also has an entry in the European Union’s online tool database.

Gov2DemOSS is developed by Gov2u, a non-profit organization creating ICTs, based in Brussels, Belgium and Athens, Greece.

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