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LiquidFeedback helps organizations and groups handle concurrent integrated proposition development and decision-making processes.

In order to use LiquidFeedback, first, a participant creates a proposition to begin the decision-making process and assigns a timeline of events (admission of ideas, discussion, verification, voting, etc.) in which each stage lasts a specified number of hours or days. Other participants may add suggestions for improvement, give input on existing suggestions, and add competing alternatives to an initiative. Suggestions and input on those suggestions can be used to help the original participant assess and quantify support for potential changes to their initiative. In response to any initiative changes, participants are also able to update or revise their support. During the voting stage, participants may delegate their vote to other participants, given that they did not participate in the discussion or revision process beforehand. This allows participants to empower each other and means that participants do not have to participate in every group single decision-making process.

For community planning initiatives, LiquidFeedback can incorporate maps, geotagging, and geospatial indexing and search capabilities.

LiquidFeedback is compatible with desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. LiquidFeedback is open-source and its source code is available here.

LiquidFeedback is developed by Public Software Group, a non-profit association located in Berlin, Germany.

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