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From the website:

DemocracyLab is an experiment in direct democracy, powered by open source software, and built on the idea that technology can empower us to harness freedom of speech and the power of the vote to solve today’s most challenging problems.

DemocracyLab uses participants’ posts and votes to build a dynamic map of political thought designed to facilitate consensus and solve problems. The result is an engaging public forum where the best thinking rises to the top, creating a community-driven alternative to traditional politics.

DemocracyLab is anticipated to launch publicly on July 4, 2018, but in the meanwhile, has a public prototype.

DemocracyLab’s site is created with Nationbuilder, and is developed by DemocracyLab, a non-profit organization that creates and curates open-source civic tech tools based in Seattle, Washington (US).

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