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Budget Allocator

Budget Allocator is designed to allow the community to participate in difficult budget decisions at a meaningful level.

The tool is configured through an easy CMS and allows the user to choose from a range of budget options. Each of these options can be commented on and has an information box for more details. Once the user has set their desired budget they submit the results. If they are over budget they are told the consequences in terms of taxes, rates etc.

Key features of Budget Allocator include:

  1. Personal Consequences: All changes in a user’s budgets are reflected in personal taxation amounts in order to demonstrate the personal consequences of each change to the user.
  2. Community Outcomes: Each budget selection will show the impact on the community in terms of the quality and quantity of public facilities and services.
  3. Real-Time Spend: As they are balancing the budget, users can track how much they have spent so far in order to manage their budget delegation.
  4. Mobile First: Any budget simulator created through Budget Allocator is mobile-friendly.
  5. Easy: Any budget simulator can be set up within ten minutes for users.

A demonstration budget allocator site can be found here.

The tool was developed by Bang the Table Pty Ltd in collaboration with clients in the Government sector. Early uptake has been from Local Government.

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