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One Click Orgs

From the website:

One Click Orgs is building a website where groups can quickly create a legal structure and get a simple system for group decisions. We think social enterprises, collectives and activist groups have better things to think about than obscure legal clauses.

The One Click Orgs platform will give you:

* A constitution written in plain english
* An official legal structure so your group can open a bank account
* A list of group members that’s automatically kept up to date
* A voting system to help make group decisions
* A record of every decision that’s been made
* Easy ways to modify the constitution as your group develops

There are three versions of One Click Orgs:

One Click Co-op – In partnership with Co-operatives UK and NESTA the “One Click Co-op” was launched in June 2013. This is the world’s first fully-online co-operative and has been approved by UK regulators. The platform permits members to contribute agenda items, browse archived minutes and participate in votes electronically.

One Click Association – We’ve launched a platform enabling small UK-based community groups to form an Unincorporated Association, submit proposals and vote. It’s completely free.

One Click CLG – We’ve developed a platform that provides Companies Limited by Guarantee with electronic voting and membership management.

One Click Orgs is open-source and its source code is on “Github”:

From the about page:

One Click Orgs is a non-profit based in London UK. The project was founded by the think tank CIRCUS foundation in October 2008 and constituted as a free-standing project in December 2008. The founding meeting was held in public at the Chaos Communications Congress in Berlin. The platform is written in Merb and released under the AGPL open source licence.

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