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From the “about” sidebar on the homepage:

GroupServer is a mailing list manager: an email sent to one address is then sent on to many people. In this way it is a list server like GNU Mailman. GroupServer also has an integrated web interface, so you can use the web to post, read the archives, and administer your groups. It is a bit like Google Groups. GroupServer gives you an open source system under your control: your groups, on your site, on your hardware.

GroupServer is flexible: a single GroupServer instance powers this site, all the sites at OnlineGroups.Net, and the Forums.

GroupServer is scalable: it handles over seven thousand email messages a month, spread across multiple domains.

GroupServer is stable: it has been in production for over ten years.

GroupServer is open-source and its source code can be found on Github. Documentation is available here.

GroupServer is developed by based in Stokes Valley, New Zealand.

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A list of projects that have used GroupServer:


Additional information and materials about GroupServer: