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Jadu Continuum

From the website:

Jadu eConsultation [now Continuum] provides a comprehensive interface for the publication of long and often complex consultation documents with cut-and-paste ease, enabling rapid deployment of interactive online consultations.

Available as a fully managed service to enable your colleagues to collaborate and publish online to deliver detailed consultation documents, forms, surveys, working drafts and proposals.

Jadu Continuum is a suite of software with a number of options: customer experience management (Continuum CXM), web content management (Continuum CMS), online vendor portals (Jadu Content Portal), and enterprise eforms (Continuum XFP).

For information on each option:

Continuum CXM is a cloud based solution for creating and managing customer conversations. CXM provides a seamless, intuitive and consistent experience for your services teams and customers

Continuum XFP is a powerful, secure and flexible eForms solution that provides non-technical tools to build online forms.

[Continuum CMS is] a flexible platform to make beautiful websites for large organisations. Continuum CMS is an easy to use publishing tool that helps you create and publish meaningful content. We’ve embraced responsive interface design, so when you’re on the move Continuum CMS can be right there with you.

Jadu Content Portal provides rich and powerful ways to present enterprise and back office content to your Website or Intranet users, on any device.

Open-source versions of Jadu Continuum can be found on “Github”:

Jadu Continuum is developed by Jadu, based in Canberra, Australia; Leicester, UK; and Chicago, US.

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