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From the website:

CitizenSpeak is a free email advocacy service that enables grassroots organizations and individual activists to launch MoveOn-like email campaigns and track participation. With support for campaigns in English and Spanish, CitizenSpeak campaigns are easy to set-up and only require a web-browser and basic web-surfing skills to use.

With CitizenSpeak users can:

* Empower members to easily lobby decision-makers.
* Increase awareness by sending decision-makers individually addressed emails.
* Extend reach with the Internet’s networking ability.
* Learn more about supporters with downloadable reports that detail participant contact info and personal statements.
* Grow membership and fundraise with customizable ‘Thank You’ pages that invite participants to donate or join.
* Increase website traffic by promoting a web address on a customizable Thank You page.

From the about page:

CitizenSpeak was started in 2002 to provide grassroots organizations and local activists with easy-to-use, powerful e-advocacy tools. […]

In 2005, CitizenSpeak was re-launched on the CivicSpace platform to provide users with a more dynamic service. CivicSpace (formerly DeanSpace) is a growing set of online tools for building political websites based on the Drupal open source content management system. The code that runs CitizenSpeak is available as an open source CivicSpace module at We hope that other organizations and developers will use this free and open source software to offer e-advocacy services to their members and communities.

The CivicSpace/CitizenSpeak open source module was built by George Hotelling who also implemented the current CitizenSpeak site. The site was designed by Development Seed. CitizenSpeak was co-founded by Jo Lee and Pablo Calamera. Pablo built the first site and provided much of the vision though was only able to participate in the project for a short period of time.

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A list of projects that have used CitizenSpeak: