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GovLuv is a Twitter aggregation tool that illuminates the conversations between citizens and government representatives and simplifies citizen engagement by connecting citizens to their representatives based on their home address, and uses that same information to differentiate constituents from non-constituents.

In a GovLoop article published about GovLuv,

How does GovLuv work?

[…] At its core, GovLuv provides a list of representatives on the left and a tweetstream down the middle. The tweetstream shows tweets that are both to and from the selected representative – everything that they’re saying, and everything that is being said to them or about them on Twitter. In addition, GovLuv provides two additional features:
# Trending tags. At the top of the tweetstream, the 10 most commonly used hashtags are listed. You can instantly tell what most of the people are talking about.
# Constituency. GovLuv tracks constituency of twitter accounts. This enables it to provide an accurate list of representatives, and to highlight the true currency that elected officials value – the ability to vote! This is done through a combination of methods, including the Twitter bio location, hashtag zipcodes in tweets (eg, #20009), and asking people who visit GovLuv to enter their address.

What can a person expect to do when visiting GovLuv?

GovLuv is designed to be easy:

* Learn about your representatives: When you first visit the site, it will guess your location and give you a list of your representatives. […] See how many constituents they have on Twitter. Read their tweetstream – everything they’re tweeting, and everything being tweeted to them and about them.
* Focus In: Click on a Trending Tag to narrow the tweetstream to a specific area (or maybe get some context for that new hashtag that you haven’t seen before). Filter the tweetstream so that it only shows Official tweets or so that it only shows Official and Constituent tweets.
* Engage: Tweet your representative – GovLuv knows their @name. And if they aren’t on Twitter, GovLuv will provide you with other means of contacting them. If you see an interesting tweet in the stream and want to reply or retweet it, of course you can do that too.

GovLuv is developed by Naomi Williams, Jim Gilliam, and Christina Aretta. It is a project of, a suite of activism tools for Twitter, and the Open Forum Foundation, a non-profit advocating for improved communication between government officials and their constituents.

Update: GovLuv has been discontinued. In order to access the website, view an archived copy.

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