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Dito is a web 2.0 communications platform that enables large groups to collect, develop and structure suggestions and ideas around a topic or event. It is currently a family of products developed for specific needs (participation, campaigning, consulting…).

From the website:

dito is a 2.0 Plattform for e-participation. Its origins root back to the mid 90ies, when researchers at Fraunhofer IAIS / former GMD started the development of a decsion support system foro alrge [sic] groups. You will find many publications on the dito predecessor ‘zeno’

* Improve e-participation processes by enriching the discussion with relevant contextual information from knowledge data bases
* Discover implicit information and connections, navigate across data boundaries
* Boost the interest of users and decision makers by extracting relevant information and relations
* Break down unstructured silos of data in a structured and linked data cloud
* Linked open data – provide semantic endpoints to promote interoperability and transparency according to Open Government directives.

Additional functions are theme customization, language adaptability, prioritization and ranking of projects, information moderation, and GIS.

From the products page, dito is divided into four key products: ditoask (ideal for meaningful dialogue with large audiences), ditomood (measures the daily attitude of your employees and provides actionable insights as to why), ditopoll (measures readiness indicators during organisational change programs and helps to fund activities using fact based insights), ditoinnovation (helps you to manage crowdsourced idea generation and innovation challenges).

dito was originally developed by Munich, Germany-based Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems IAIS. Since 2006, dito is being maintained and distributed by by Bonn, Germany-based ontopica. Ontopica and Fraunhofer Institute IAIS both own the copyright to dito.

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