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Participatory Budget in Berlin-Lichtenberg

From the document:

Online dialogue

Our website has all information about the Participatory Budget, and will also allow you to discuss and vote online. Until the middle of October 2008 you will have the opportunity to bring in your suggestions.

Please tell us, which main points you would like to see supported in our budget! Give comments to suggestions from other citizens, and discuss with each other online! That way you can participate comfortably from home. And if you don’t have internet access, you can use the computers in any of the libraries, socio-cultural centers, and senior recreational facilities to go online for free. The employees on site will be happy to help you with any questions.

At any time you have the possibility to track your suggestion online. Every submitted suggestion – whether in writing, at the assembly, or online – will receive a tracking number. By searching for your tracking number you will immediately see whether your suggestion is still being discussed, whether it has already made its way to the evaluation process, or whether it has been eventually accepted or rejected by the borough’s central assembly of representatives.

This way all stages from the initial suggestion to the final vote are transparent and accessible.

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