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eParticipate D2.2 Existing e-Participation Initiatives, Products & Services

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This report explores the existence in the targeted market of European Local Authorities of products, services and initiatives which may compete with the eParticipate platform. Our research shows that to date there are a range of potential services which rather than direct competitors could be classed as “eParticipation services” and hence be included within the eParticipate platform.

Based on our research and having looked at both webcasting and eConsultation services it is clear that webcasting has the best selling potential in terms of its appeal, its ability to achieve demonstratable and quantifable eDemocratic results with the public and its fit within the market conditions.

This report describes and analyses the features of a number of potential competitors to the eParticipate services in terms of webcasting and eConsultation. From this comprehensive review of the market, the consortium has been able to adequately define its positioning and draw some important conclusions regarding its market deployment priorities.

Our conclusion is that while a number of streaming competitors exist in the market their core products fall short of the Public-i offering. The many consultation tools reviewed on the other hand are often in-house projects and initiatives using the Councils own resources or National and European fundings but are not straight forward commercial offerings, so strong questions marks remain around Councils willingness to pay for such eConsultation services.

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