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Utilizing Minecraft as a tool for community participation to design a public space in Gaza Strip

This was a project conducted by the UN-Habitat in partnership with UN Women, Palestinian Housing Council, Aisha Association for Women and Child Protection, and GGateway in the Al-Shaima’ neighborhood in Beit Lahia city of Palestine. Approximately 35 community members, mostly youth and women, participated in a three-day workshop to discuss “criteria for good public space design, the importance of community participation, and how to use Minecraft as a tool for engaging the community in the design process.”

Afterwards, participants split up into groups in order to integrate what they had learned from the workshop as well as their personal experiences into Minecraft (link to entry) in order to build their ideal public space. At the end of the workshop, the participant ideas were summarized into a list of ideas that would be given to the lead architect to integrate into future public space designs.

This project was funded by the Government of the Kingdom of Belgium.

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